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Final Offer!

Hey there,

Bill McIntosh here again, and before you get started, there’s one last offer I think you’ll dig…

… and it’s gonna give you a huge upper hand when creating Facebook video ads that get tons of traffic, leads and sales.

I’m talking about leaked “confession” videos from the “guys behind the curtain…”

… revealing their weird, advanced tricks that were too crazy to reveal in the core guide!

Plus… live coaching from me (the guy who has generated 250 million visitors and $55 million in online sales under his belt)… who won’t leave until all your individual questions are answered.

So shut the doors, turn down the lights and close the curtains, because it’s all waiting for you inside…

Facebook Video Heist “Hidden Confessions

Inside this optional (but highly recommended) upgrade, you’re getting…


You’re about to meet the million dollar masterminds behind the Facebook Video Heist system…

… as they “fess up” to all of their advanced tricks, twists and tactics for hijacking people’s newsfeeds, and raking insane traffic and cash from Facebook.

Watch and listen to these private, uncensored “confession” videos as these experts go way deeper than ever before…

… revealing, on camera, the kind of tricks and tips that you won’t – and cannot – find in the most expensive seminars around the world.

Nothing is held back…

… and you’ll be a witness to the actual campaigns, strategies and tactics each expert is using to raid Facebook for crazy traffic and sales, in broad daylight.

You’ll go behind the scenes and extract a ton of “gold” that was way too hot for the original training.

Meet your fellow “Heisters…”

Confession video #1:
Sam E.

Watch how Sam’s using FB video ads to sell $80-$100 physical products, mostly through Amazon. Witness the campaign he used to double his sales on one particular product, spending only $30 per day, and how he’s now doing $700-$800 per day from a tiny $30 daily ad spend. How? With weird little videos that are all outsourced & produced for under $10!

Watch the live confession video and see how he’s turning $5 video ads and a tiny $60 budget into $400+ a day in physical product sales, plus how he’s…

Confession video #2:
Grant W.

Watch how Grant’s spending $5-$10 a day to market 3-4 properties, and raking in 269 high value real estate leads, for just $100.

Witness his tactics to get inside his prospect’s heads and fine tune his campaigns for insane targeting and fat ROI…

… and how his clients are turning $500 ad spend into $10,000-$15,000 a month in real estate commission checks.

You’ll also see how he… [CLASSIFIED – BUYERS ONLY]

Confession video #3:
Louie L.

Watch Louie, a local nightclub promoter, spend a paltry $32.93 to fill his events to the rafters and pocket $700 in pure profits.

(And how he’s using these same cheap traffic strategies to land $10,000 coaching clients, teaching other nightclub owners how to do what he’s doing.)

Watch how he’s also able to… [CLASSIFIED – BUYERS ONLY]

Confession video #4:
Stephen R.

Watch how Stephen used a tiny $44 video ad to sell an $1,800 piece of artwork. Then see how he went on to book $8,000 in custom commissioned work for his artist client. He'll break down his numbers on screen, to show you what’s truly possible with the right approach, and another cool trick where he…[CLASSIFIED – BUYERS ONLY]

Confession video #5:
Scott L.

Watch Scott live on screen, as he reveals in plain view, how he sold a $4,500 painting through a video ad, and is getting video views for less than 1 single cent!

(And how he spent $4.77, got 1,071 views, 2,352 reach, 376 clicks and 15% click through rate, with a $250 ROI)

He also shares a little-known method for… [CLASSIFIED – BUYERS ONLY]

Confession video #6:
Sean D.

You'll see how Sean easily sells a $5,000 product using social video ads and how with just one tweak he bumped his profits up 30% higher! Now he's making $5 for every $1 he spends on his campaigns… [CLASSIFIED – BUYERS ONLY]

Confession video #7:
Konstantinos K.

Watch how Konstantinos is raking in $25,000 in sales of
his doodle video business, closing up to 80% of leads on his first phone call, and turning every $1 he spends into $10
in sales, over and over again, and why he

Confession video #8:
Jon T.

Watch how Jon T used Facebook video ads to sell high-ticket coaching, and despite recording a video with mistakes in it, turned a $1,695 investment in Facebook ad campaigns into $37,500 of high ticket coaching sales and a huge list of prospects at the same time.

He’s also showing you a fascinating insight into how he was able to… [CLASSIFIED – BUYERS ONLY]

You’re also getting…

#2: The leaked transcripts

Don’t have time to watch each video? Download the video transcripts and cut straight to the gold, any time you want.

You’re also getting…

#3: Classified blueprints

We’ve stripped down these advanced tactics from each video, into plain and simple steps, so you can apply them immediately on your own ad campaigns. You’ll also get links to their secret tools, and bonus tips from me, so you can follow in our footsteps and squeeze even more money out of each campaign, from day one.

Plus, you’re getting…

#4: Bonus interrogations

All the above interviews are in the members area waiting for you. However, after you’ve consumed the core training, you’re also getting 4 more added bonus video interviews with real experts – brand new people who are running six figure campaigns in all kinds of niches. You'll get these in realtime as they reveal their secrets in upcoming interviews.

Discover all kinds of hidden “juice” you can inject into your campaigns, and see the whole process from all kinds of crazy new angles, giving you inspiration, ideas and “aha” moments that will take your ad campaigns to even higher levels than ever before.

Each additional new video will be sent out to you, over the next 6 weeks, hot off the press, as soon as I’m done “interrogating” these experts and getting their interviews recorded!

Finally, you’re also getting…

#5: Live coaching session

To really “lock in” your new traffic and money-getting skills and make sure nobody is left behind, you’re getting an exclusive live coaching session with yours truly (I’ve done over $55 million in online sales, so I know I can help you!) Once you’ve set up your campaigns, come back and join us for this live coaching session, as we fine tune, critique, and unlock the “hidden gold” in your ad campaigns.

And there’s no time limit…

… I will not turn off the camera until you’ve had your own unique questions answered!

(This coaching session will be held 5 weeks after the end of this launch, giving you plenty of time to absorb the core training first.)

So, will you come meet the mob…?

Add the “Facebook Video Heist: Hidden Loot” package to your cart right now and you’re getting…


#2: The leaked transcripts

#3: Classified blueprints

#4: Bonus interrogations

#5: Live coaching session

And it won’t cost you thousands of dollars
that others have had to pay to get similar information...

The fact is…

People pay tens of thousands of dollars to fly around the world and attend seminars with these guys...

...and thousands of dollars to get them on private Skype coaching calls...

...and some of these guys don’t even do seminars or coaching at all!

But today, for a limited time, you’re getting all these experts on camera, spilling their advanced secrets to insane Facebook advertising that can lead you quickly towards a six figure income, in any niche... the checklists...

...the audios...

...the transcripts...

...the live coaching...

...we’re talking thousands of dollars’ worth of information and hands-on training...

...all for just $197


That’s me, Bill McIntosh. I’ve driven over quarter of a billion visitors and $55 million in online sales over the past decade…

...and alongside these experts, I’ll be driving you to success with my own personal insights on paid traffic that haven’t failed me yet.

Really, you’re in safe hands now.


This is a one-time-only offer that will not be made again, so this is your one and only chance to get all this advanced video training that is NOT covered in the core guide... 4 bonus video interviews...

...the video transcripts...

...the MP3 audio...

...the "stripped down" checklists...

...and the live coaching...

...for less than a single dinner at some stuffy restaurant....

Upgrade now and get these advanced tricks, strategies, case studies, videos, audios, checklists and live coaching sessions, before it’s gone.

P.S – These live video interviews, transcriptions and checklists contain information that is NOT included in the core training system you saw earlier. They may be little things, but they’ll make a huge difference to your income!

P.P.S – If nothing else, you’re getting live, front row seats to a private coaching webinar, where I’ll answer any and all questions you might have about Facebook ads, or anything else that you’re struggling with in your business. This alone is worth $1,000 of my time, but you only pay a fraction for this, plus everything else, including the bonus training videos, checklists, audios, and more.