About Us

Facebook video ads are THE hottest new method for driving traffic & sales for just about any business. With some recent changes and new product additions Facebook video ads now let you do things like:

  • Get your videos viewed for less than a penny a visitor!
  • Drive traffic to your site for CHEAP!
  • Retarget everyone who watched your video on Facebook & run ANY kind of ad to that audience later!
  • Run Facebook video ads where you only pay based on actual views
  • Run Video ads that optimize based on your conversion rates!
  • Not only get cheaper traffic, but INCREASE your conversion rates at the same time!
  • And much more…

After interviewing many experts in just about any type of niche market we’ve distilled down all the best practices & secret optimization tips that bring you massive results.

You’ll learn these strategies with step-by-step help, cheat sheets, video templates & copy/paste campaigns to cash in on the hottest new type of marketing out there today!

Our team is lead by Industry veteran Bill McIntosh with many years of successfully marketing online and over $55 Million in sales as a result. Bill brings a unique point of view and inside wisdom that will help you implement these strategies & get the results you’re looking for.