Secret Interrogation Videos & Training

Meet the million dollar masterminds behind the Facebook Video Heist system as they “fess up” to all of their advanced tricks, twists and tactics for hijacking people’s newsfeeds, and raking insane traffic and cash from Facebook. Watch and listen to these private, uncensored “confession” videos as these experts go way deeper than ever before.


Sean Donahoe

This is another interview of somebody who is just crushing it when it comes to Facebook video ads. He’s doing some pretty awesome stuff, told me a little bit about what he’s up to, but actually as I interview him, I’m going to be learning some pretty cool things along with you…


Matt Ford

This time it is an expert on recruiting affiliates, so we’ve talked a lot about driving traffic to offers and sales funnels and even offline phone closing and all kind of different things. This time it’s a bit different.


Sam England

Interview With Sam England Bill: Hey, it’s Bill McIntosh here and I have a really cool guest joining me, Mr. Sam England. Hey, Sam! Sam: Hey, everyone! Bill: First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to do this with me. It’s not often people are willing to kind of reveal […]


Grant Wise

Interview With Grant Wise Bill: Hey, everybody, it’s Bill McIntosh, back again with another interview for Social Video Formula. This time I’ve got Grant Wise! Hey, Grant! Grant: Hey, man, how’s it going today? Bill: It’s going well. I’m glad you joined us here and I got to tell you, I really, really appreciate you […]


Jon Tarr

Interview With Jon Tarr Bill: So, hey, this is Bill McIntosh again and I am here with Jon Tarr, so thanks, Jon for hanging out with us and doing this. Jon: You bet, thanks for having me. Bill: It’s been really cool, because I’ve been finding all these different marketers doing all kinds of different, […]


Scott Linklater

Scott has been running some really cool Facebook video ad campaigns and he is social media expert from Australia.


Louie La Vella

Louis is working two different kind of angles that you are going to be really interested in. He has one angle that deals with a consumer audience and another one that’s more business to business.


Konstantinos Kaloulis

Konstantinos is with His company produces some top quality, like really super high end Doodle videos for being able to do sales. I’m sure you have all seen some of his videos on some pretty big name marketers and brands all over the place. He’s also doing some amazing stuff with Facebook video ads, […]


Stephen Renton

This is another interview with a Facebook video ads success. We’re going to talk about a really interesting campaign and we’ll leave it at that for the moment…