I can’t log in

To log in, click here and enter the username and password you selected when you created your account.

If you can’t remember your login or password, click here and enter the email address you used when you purchased.

I can’t create an account

When you try to create your account, you may see a message that looks like this:

Invalid order. Please click on your receipt page on Clickbank to create your account.

To handle this, you must first go back to jvzoo where you purchased the product. There, you will see your receipt page:


Find the “Access Your Purchase” green button and click on that.

None of these answer my question. How do I submit a support ticket?

To reach our support staff, click here and create a support ticket. Please include all the relevant information and what you’ve purchased along with your support issue.

Our customer support staff is on duty Monday through Friday 9am-5pm Pacific Standard Time.

How do I Install the Fonts?

Here are the fonts you may need for some of the specialized Powerpoint presentations:

To install a font:

  • Download our Font Pack, and unzip the file to review all the fonts we are giving you.
  • Open Fonts by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Personalization, and then clicking Fonts.
  • Click File, and then click Install New Font.
  • If you don’t see the File menu, press ALT.
  • In the Add Fonts dialog box, under Drives, click the drive where the font that you want to install is located.
  • Under Folders, double-click the folder containing the fonts that you want to add.
  • Under List of fonts, click the font that you want to add, and then click Install.

Windows 7 Install

Mac OS X Install