Swipe Emails For Affiliates

Launch Closing Thursday At Midnight!

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We’ve created a TON of email swipe for you. There are over 18 in all. You’ll find the links to them below. We’ve done this for three reasons:

  1. Not everyone has the same type of list. This product fits well for several types of lists – so a generic set of swipe emails for everyone wouldn’t do you justice. So we’ve created them for different types of lists with different focus for each.
  2. If everyone uses the same swipe files – it can cause deliverability problems. You’ve probably seen it – a big launch and everyone is promoting & if you copy/paste the same swipe everyone else is using – you get few opens & few clicks. I always recommend tweaking or writing your own based on these examples, but everyone starting off with a lot of different swipes will help you a LOT.
  3. Sometimes swipe is written in a much different voice than you might use in your own emails. Sometimes they are wildly too “hypie” and other times too boring. We’ve got them written from a variety of voices.

Here’s the email swipe:

General Internet Marketing List Swipe

Video Oriented List Swipe

“Offline” Consultant Oriented Swipe